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Experience Water at its Purest

Remove toxins that can dull your skin and corrode your faucets with water softening in Brantford.

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Licensed by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Water Tech Solutions provides water assessments, filtration systems, water well inspections, and more to residential and commercial clients in Brantford and the surrounding areas.

Our specialized equipment conditions hard water to eliminate calcium and magnesium deposits, as well as other minerals. Hard water contains a high number of mineral deposits, which can stick to the metal components of your plumbing network, faucet and silverware.

How to Tell If You Have Hard Water
To determine whether you have hard water, take a look at your faucets; do they have white, scales coating the inside or outer areas where water frequently flows? If so, you likely have hard water. The white material is calcium, and a good indicator of hard water in your pipes.

Signs of hard water are also evident on your skin. If you find that your skin is dry or itchy you could be experiencing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis.

Stop doing double-duty by having to shine your dishes and cutlery after each wash, and increase the efficiency of your cleansers and moisturizers by using softened water. Contact Water Tech Solutions today to book a consultation and find the right water filtration system for your Brantford property.

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  • water softener supplies

  • water treatment equipment

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  • residential water softener

  • ozonator

  • industrial water softener

  • drinking water system

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  • Pressure Tank Installations

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  • Yield Testing

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  • Pressure Tanks

  • Ultraviolet System

  • Water Purification

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